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Nick Wray has written for the Independent, Screen Digest and Viewfinder, as well as being an editor and publisher. Nick has also worked in 'futures'. His interest in where technology, individualism, personal identity, morality - and humour - intersect all influence his writing.

Nick is currently working on podcast, radio and screenplay projects, including 'Machines for Singing', a Semi-finalist in the ScreenCast 2021 Podcast Competition and the screenplay 'The Beach at Narbonne' (which also reached the Semi-finals of the 2018 ScreenCast Cinematic Short Story Contest).
Nick's short play Heart of Glass – based on two Tweets about Google Glass and wearable body sensors – was recently short-listed for production at the Park Theatre in London. 

Nick has also recently completed ‘Castles of Steel’, a radio play about the First World War naval engagement known as the Battle of Jutland. 'Castles of Steel' is also available on Amazon here, and free sample scenes can be downloaded here.

Nick has an MA in Interactive Media from the Royal College of Art and a degree in Experimental Psychology from UCL. Nick's early polemic on the emerging digital world, 'The Living Garden, won the ICL-Fujitsu prize for innovation in media in 1995.


Nick Wray can be contacted here.

Nick Wray - Lunch with Jason King


Cover of Heart of Glass by Nick Wray
Cover Castles of Steel by Nick Wray
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