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  •  'Lunch with Jason King' - in which our eponymous hero is interviewed by a fan, who is seemingly unsure where actor Peter Wyngarde begins and 1970s TV character Jason King ends...


The Beach at Narbonne

In a near future, post-Brexit, France an Englishman on the last night of his holiday encounters a mysterious woman...

Cover image The Beach at Narbonne by Nick Wray

"His finger hovered. He saw his reflection in the glass of the iPad. There was nothing wrong – not really, really wrong – with where he was now, was there? 

But Jonathan knew he must never go more than

three clicks away..."

Cover image - Three Clicks by Nick Wray

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(warning 'Three Clicks' contains explicit sexual language & imagery)

Cover image Lunch with Jason King by Nick Wray

Lunch with

Jason King