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  •  'Lunch with Jason King' - in which our eponymous hero is interviewed by a fan, who is seemingly unsure where actor Peter Wyngarde begins and 1970s TV character Jason King ends...


The Beach at Narbonne

In a near future, post-Brexit, France an Englishman on the last night of his holiday encounters a mysterious woman...

Cover image The Beach at Narbonne by Nick Wray

“Mr Turing? Dead!

What on earth are you talking about, Inspector? He can’t be – I was only just talking to him!”

Cover image 'Machines for Singing' by Nick Wray

"His finger hovered. He saw his reflection in the glass of the iPad. There was nothing wrong – not really, really wrong – with where he was now, was there? 

But Jonathan knew he must never go more than

three clicks away..."

Cover image - Three Clicks by Nick Wray

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(warning 'Three Clicks' contains explicit sexual language & imagery)

Cover image Lunch with Jason King by Nick Wray

Lunch with

Jason King